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Glengyle Distillery Kilkerran 8 Year Old Single Malt 55.7% ABV 750ml

Glengyle Distillery Kilkerran 8 Year Old Single Malt 55.7% ABV 750ml

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A whisky from Campbeltown's 'newest, oldest distillery', Glengyle. Originally closed in 1925, Glengyle was eventually bought in 2000 by Hedley Wright, the great-great nephew of the distillery's original founder, and re-opened in 2004.

Its whiskies are named Kilkerran both to avoid confusion with pre-existing whisky blends, and to pay homage to Saint Kerran, who had a religious cell in Campbeltown.

Kilkerran 8 Year Old is a lightly peated whisky with additional notes of green apples, rhubarb, sea salt, icing sugar and walnut.

Tasting notes from the producer

The peat aroma from the lightly peated barley is apparent from the off and some of the green apples which are becoming a feature of Kilkerran are also present. This whisky is like a favourite dessert, rhubarb crumble, stewed rhubarb, vanilla and all butter shortbread.
There’s an earthiness and saltiness, exactly what you want to taste in a Campbeltown dram. This is combined with icing sugar and puff candy which gives a sweetness to the whisky, along with milk chocolate and walnut flavours.
The peat remains, along with a sootiness, pencil shavings and a liquorice-influenced maltiness.